#escdk watch is lovingly crafted by @annonesc aka @annindk, a Scottish expat living in Denmark since 2006.

Eurovision cred:

  • 1979-81: worked in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall, venue for the 1972 contest
  • 1990s: saw Björn Again live, several times
  • 2005: attended Congratulations: 50 years of the Eurovision Song Contest
  • 2006: attended preliminary round in Belgian national selection (the doomed Kate Ryan)
  • 2007: attended 2nd semi-final in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (the equally doomed DQ)
  • 2009: saw Olsen Bros in concert in Hvidovre Town Hall
  • 2009: attended dress rehearsal for 4th semi-final in Melodifestivalen (Malena Ernman)
  • 2013: attended Eurovision Semi Final 1 (also reflected glory from friend, host for Dutch delegation)

ESC venues visited: Belgrade | Copenhagen (2) | Dublin (2) | Edinburgh | Helsinki | Jerusalem |  Kyiv | London | Malmö | Moscow | Tallinn plus…

Lordi Square, Rovaniemi
Lordi Square, Rovaniemi

What could possibly top that?


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Eurovision as seen by @annonesc

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