What’s on

Eurovision fortnight kicked off on 28 April, culminating in the grand final on 10 May. Visit Copenhagen list 180 events (story | på dansk), but you might have better luck with the iphone app. Cut to the chase for EuroClub (VEGA; accredited press only) | Euro Fan Café (Huset; info) | Eurovision VillageLGBT events. See our our calendar for where we are!

Things we like:

  • Recreation Square – outside Helligåndskirken (church) slap bang in the middle of Strøget/the fan mile, with bells every day from 11:45, and from 3 May music in the afternoons from the Carl Nielsen Trio and others
  • Dome of Visions – a not huge looking structure on Kierkegaard Plads, offering what appear to be two hour long speed talks on 6-9 May on themes such as #some and Eurovision and CPH as European Green Capital, yada yada
  • skyLINE – light installation on #bogwhallerne and architectural landmarks in the harbour, creating a connection between Eurovision Island and the rest of Copenhagen (more); update: as so often not as exciting as advertised, plus not convinced the landmarks were lit, but OTOH the Dansk Industri building displayed flags, sorry we missed that (video
  • #joinus parties across the globe – mainly VisitDenmark initiatives

Head of Show Jan LL may have snubbed national treasures and 2000 winners the Olsen Bros, but there are plenty other nostalgia options on offer:

Københavns Rådhus (the town hall) is running three special tours (on Danish culture, for families, and at midnight) during week beg 5 May. Allegedly the pancakes are a thing, and better than their English…if you just want to nose round the town hall there are cheaper tours (DK 30, weekdays at 13:00 and Saturdays at 10:00), plus a tour of the tower (DK 20, weekdays 11:00 and 14:00, Saturdays 12:00); note too that as it’s a public building you can wander around without being part of a tour – some details on the website but only på dansk and this has taken me long enough already…

Frederiksberg (pop: 100K+), the “city within the city”, a separate local authority just west of CPH city centre, is holding its annual festival, FRBDAGE (Frederiksberg Days) on Eurovision weekend.

Random stuff:

And on TV…see DR’s TV guide – times but no links to Europa i glimmer, preview shows at ungodly hours, Eurovision Song Contest: bag kulissen. a Kender du typen? Grand Prix special,  Hvem var det nu vi var and Forfesten, a warm-up show from 19:00. Main shows in our calendar – cheeky chappies the Monte Carlo boys doing an alternative commentary on DR3, signing for the deaf on Ramasjang. WebTV? Eurovision Nyt from Jakob Riising.

No sign of the Tommy Seebach doc, for shame!


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