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Latest: DR must surely soon run out of people to interview? Tina Gøtsche feels a little surplus to requirements. Up next, three politicians…

The Eurovision 2014 shows are the responsibility of Danmarks Radio, aka DR, as they do TV these days too. And Web! Their Melodi Grand Prix (sic) site includes a blog and news, with active presences on Facebook and YouTube, plus Twitter (not so much), aimed mainly at the home audience.

For a reflection of how DR sees Eurovision, read (or googletranslate) the posts by their six handpicked bloggers, dubbed Ministeriet (The Ministry), including Head of Show Jan LL.

Front of house we have a triumvirate if not superfluity of hosts – see Three Danes to do work of one Swede for all the details of the reveal on 4 February. Ulla Essendrop, who impressed at the kickoff event on 20 January, has got the job of hosting the press corp, alongside the fab Abdel Aziz Mahmoud:

Trans: First Basim, then Anthony Jasmin (X Factor winners) and now AbdUlla – brown enough for you, Denmark?

It’s Bingo! and the jackpot on so many levels, without a doubt the best move from DR since the dawn of #escdk time. We almost wish we’d gone for accreditation after all. Can the press conferences be streamed, please?

Moving on, behind the scenes we have (needing a prune):

DR’s @GrandPrixDR Twitter account, only opened on 11 April 2013, was rebranded as @escjoinus after being pretty much silent from 19 May until the end of August, then rebranded again on 12 November as @escdk14 (@esccph looks much the same, but is a private account). DR’s Instragram account has followed suit. Let’s hope that’s it until 2015.

See’s DK tag for translations of key announcements and their Copenhagen page for details of the contest.

The budget for the shows is around DK 190 million (or about €25,5 million) – crucially, around the same as SVT’s budget in 2013. On 5 December DR was awarded a further DK 30m from licence fee distribution – not quite clear where that fits in.

DR's Eurovision editorial office
The Eurovision editorial office at DR. From a staff of 2 to a staff of 400 (pic

Jan Lagermand Lundme: In Denmark we have a special ability to show emotion on TV, and I hope we can develop the Eurovision Song Contest in this direction.


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