Host City Copenhagen

Official tourist office Wonderful Copenhagen (aka WoCo) has the Host City role alongside Copenhagen city council, Region Hovedstaden (the capital city region) and REDA (Refshaleøen Holdings).

WoCo is responsible for inter alia ticketing, marketing, hospitality for delegations, side events and local outreach, PR and citydressing, transport, volunteers (managed by CPH Volunteers. They’ve set up a company, ESC 2014 ApS, to manage the project, with a team of eight headed by Martin Bender with support from Pankoke Consult. Head of Events is Ulrich Ammundsen (@ulrichammundsen; see interview), and press contacts are Ditte Hedegaard, Connie Maria Westergaard and Emil Spangenberg.

Visit Copenhagen, WoCo’s delivery arm has a Eurovision mini-site at (Danish version). Having tried out a #joinus Instagram feed they’ve now – as suggested by us on Twitter – sensibly reverted to an #escdk feed (see on Gramfeed).


#joinus being part of the #escdk brand (don’t get me started) and all means that there is a site, but it’s not quite clear as yet how that will be used or who’s responsible for it.

In an interview with WiwiBloggs Martin Bender gives some info about EuroClub and EuroVillage plans and introduces the #eurovisionbike.

The City of Copenhagen is responsible for Refshaleøen and surrounding area, events including the opening party, the Eurovision Fan Mile, transport, logistics, etc. Aka the short straw – see our #metroxpressgate story.

The Host City Copenhagen budget was originally set at around DK 40 million (about €5.4 million), made up of DK 14.5 million from the kommune, DK 10 million from Region Hovedstaden, DK 5.2 million from Refshaleøen Holdings, DK 4 million from WoCo; remaining DK 6.3 million to be found from sponsors (source). An extra DK 13.5 million was awarded in February.

In an interview Martin Bender (WoCo) states that regarding Eurovision Island they are “not looking past Eurovision right now…it will probably be built up in the future, but no plans at present”. Given the amount of restructuring going on and the amount of money pouring in this seems rather at odds with Copenhagen as European Green Capital 2014, but we shall see.


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