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Sweden kicks off Eurovision 2014 with a whistle

With the first heat of Melodifestivalen last night (plus a little matter of two finals) Eurovision 2014 is finally GO!!

#melfest can be a bit Seaside Special and the songs were nothing really to write home about – Swedish cheesecake from a Sanna Nielsen soundalike took the honours – but what keeps people coming back is the show.

A barnstorming opener exhorted Europe to Burn the penny whistle!:

Over on Facebook no one seems to be too offended, they’ve got the same humour you see…hopefully the #escdk team were taking copious notes, rather than necking the Carlsberg outside #bogwhallerne, but who knows?

That done the Eurovision twitterati proceeded to boot up every device in the house so as not to miss anything from Helsinki or any of the other Eurovision locations for the evening:

Meanwhile, in Kreuzlingen, Emmelie tripped onto the stage with her drummer boys, while the first Eurovision 2014 entry to really catch our imagination was preparing to put his lips together and blow…

An authentic paeon to Alexander Rybak and Emmelie, we’re as happy to imagine Sebastiano lawyering in Zurich in Italian tailoring as to support him, Marco, Rocco and the rest as the Swiss answer to Mumford & Sons in Copenhagen (don’t miss the Seb at home vid). Until something else halfway decent comes along, that is.

Next week sees the Swiss boat sail off to Malta, where Emmelie will reveal her new single Rainmakerthe Eurovision song for 2014 (tempting fate, no?). Who would dare to guess whether bells and whistles will be involved? We’d love to be there when Hunter and Prey and Hunter of Stars meet, watched over by smiley Dr Malta – perhaps they’ll head off to Valetta’s premier folk club for a post-final jam – Emmelie can do authentic too when she gets a chance.

Tonight Latvia’s second semi has to be worth a punt. Nice to see the #melfest participants doing drawings à la Stockholm 1975, but Latvia is taking the idea to a whole new level, according to eeurovicious:

the artists have all been given potatoes to decorate with matches, tinsel, buttons and cocktail umbrellas

Sounds like a pretty sustainable #myeurovisionidea to us!