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Party for the people in Odense

Updates: 17 March…in his #melfest review @misterjorgensen calls #drgrandprix a “humourless, rule-filled endurance test” while cool Danish online news mag Atlas thanks Birthe for the music, finds show manufactured and soulless. In the deeply serious daily Information Georg Metz makes a few rhetorical flourishes on the way to concluding that DR lacks self critique…22 March: DMGP songs in the Danish charts

In terms of viewing figures, DMGP garnered 1.8 million, the same as last year despite the win, while  #melfest on 3.3 million maintained its downward trajectory.

14 songs and just over a week still to go in national final season. Last night both Sweden and Denmark eschewed New Folk, going for a seventh time lucky schlager ballad sung by a Viking and a catchy 1980s Eurovision ditty from an X Factor reject respectively.

SVT’s slick show had a good flow, kicking off with the ultimate Wonderful Copenhagen from Charlotte Perelli on a rock, now being talked up as host for 2015. Nordic noir reference? Check. The votes from the Danish jury (what?) were read out by Saga from The Bridge

DR gave some of its shiny new ideas a run out on the locals, but you would have to be a real fan to be energised by the prospect of seeing Danni Elmo’s Instagram pics. They also pushed a branded hashtag for the night – having tried #arvingerneDR for the latest Sunday night drama to little avail.

According to Danish Twitter counter Overskrift #drgrandprix has garnered a stonking 12K + tweets in the last 24 hours, and not all of them by Grand Prix DR aka @escdk14 (oh stop it) either – the Danish Twitterati were out in force. Last year’s final garnered just over 14K tweets. Amidst the veritable tsunami of coverage – 144 new photos on Facebook, anyone – was a whoops fingers! #selfie:

The show itself left me with a few questions:

  • why did our winner Basim (4th in X Factor DK 2008) perform in front of a Dannebrog (Danish flag), obscuring the giant #joinus diamond which otherwise dominated proceedings? Bryan Rice would also like to know…update, 17 March: this ran and ran, reaching the satire stage of the news cycle by Tuesday; see Eurovisionary for the full story – at the mo it seems no Dannebrog for Basim
  • nice to see Marcel (2nd in X Factor DK 2009 as part of Alien Beat Club) again – whatever happened the other ABCers?
  • X Factor DK had a Eurovision evening on Friday, how about that! judge Remee, who discovered Basim back in 2008, doesn’t have a great Eurovision record (No Angels, Soluna), could that be an omen?
  • Jakob Riising, why? educational interludes made for a choppy change of tone

Amid rumours of backstage armtwisting, in the end no one rained on Emmelie’s parade. Let’s finish by looking at the two national finals through the medium of the interval act.

Stockholm basked in the joy which is an Abba medley – although maybe not so much in the extended version of Chiquitita. Nice touch with our hosts Anders and Nour, who we’ve taken to our hearts for having personalities, redoing Robin. Shame Robin didn’t redo Robin. Meanwhile over in Odense we had a buckets of folkelig cheer – and more community singing – with Queen Birthe Kjær et al all piling on stage to celebrate the joy of second (and third) place. Olsen Bros doublebooked, or saving themselves for May? It all went down swimmingly with the home crowd. We give you, Sweden a sleek global mastodon:

Denmark strictly a homegrown affair:

They’ll need to step things up a gear in May.


#escdk kicks off!

So, #escdk kicked off in a completely civilised way. Danglish on show, Byzantine rules,  a bit of recycling – and just a tad dull. All very Danish.

Here are our highlights from yesterday’s key change and lottery draw:

  • live blogs which update without hitting F5! Stand up ESC Reporter, ESC+Plus, DR Grand Prix and latecomer escXtra
  • the #esckickoff Scandi playlist, with Dansevise,  Take me to your heaven, La det svinge – and honorary Viking Gina G
  • the Netherland typo for editors everywhere, possibly a trick of the light:

Get the skinny and relive the excitement of the balls here, or see the full delight from DR Grand Prix. WoCo’s got it down to 2 mins.

DR’s facepalm

Update, 9 July:  are they just making this up as they go along? Dates now changed to 6, 8 and 10 May 2014, due to long range weather forecast (sorry, we forgot), with the smart money now on the tent at DR Byen.

So, Parken’s out. Fredericia was out before anyone worked out where it was. Any structure in greater CPH which can house a crowd is getting a shout-out (how about Forum?). Let’s just not Visit Herning – the very idea gives me a hernia.

This is all very danski – short termism is hard baked into their mores, just one more consequence of the big woolly welfare blankie – everything is someone else’s problem, not my responsibility…has it really have come as a surprise to DR?

Facepalm... (credit: http://www.12points.tv/)
Facepalm… (credit: http://www.12points.tv/)

In oh the irony! corner the first sods are being turned for CPH’s own Crystal Arena, but working from the danski labour book means it won’t be ready until Eurovision 2016. The Oresund Event Center’s involvement with WoCo is still making me wonder, mind – if Either/Or doesn’t work how about repeating last year’s fairy tale?

Is there anything more to say, or shall we just shake our heads at the fact that, basically, DR pushed the big Viking boat out to host something they haven’t got a venue for? The Danish Twittersphere is afire (relatively speaking) about sending real people to the blasted heath. Herning just doesn’t fit – it’s OK for The Danes but trade fairs don’t attract quite the same fan base as Eurovision – as DR’s blogger says, Herning may have the arena but that’s. it.

Is this the way it has to be, Eurovision as a TV event à la X Factor? Smaller, scaled down – why not miniaturise the whole thing and hold it at Legoland (handy for the airport, too)?

Thanks goodness it’s July, when everything danski closes down for a month. Maybe by August someone else will have solved the problem for DR. They are probably sticking their fingers in their ears and going lalala…

Featured image source: Wikipedia.

Branding #escdk

During Eurovision 2013 there was some talk of Danish arrogance and pre-final Viking triumphalism –  turns out they weren’t wrong, but we will be watching!

The Danes are doing a pretty good job on nation branding at the moment – what will this mean for Eurovision 2014?

credit: http://www.12points.tv/
photo credit: http://www.12points.tv/