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#escdk needs you (1): the feedback

There’s been silence from Camp Joinus after Wednesday’s call for volunteers to try out new ideas – we’re now expecting something to trump the London Olympics opening ceremony. At least.

Being too busy checking for typos we missed our chance to take part, but here’s some feedback from those lucky enough to be there.

“DR has remained tight lipped as to what the trial was meant to test” said Luka Popovic (Oikotimes), but “it could be something completely new and groundbreaking” according to Charlotte Jensen (EuroVisionary).

Mads Mortensen, EuroVisionary’s mole, concluded that they may want to use people as digital screens. Here’s hoping it doesn’t hurt. Speaking personally, I never wear white as being of a Celtic pallor it makes me disappear.

Mads’ parting shot:

I think I would like to know more next time I say yes.