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DR’s facepalm

Update, 9 July:  are they just making this up as they go along? Dates now changed to 6, 8 and 10 May 2014, due to long range weather forecast (sorry, we forgot), with the smart money now on the tent at DR Byen.

So, Parken’s out. Fredericia was out before anyone worked out where it was. Any structure in greater CPH which can house a crowd is getting a shout-out (how about Forum?). Let’s just not Visit Herning – the very idea gives me a hernia.

This is all very danski – short termism is hard baked into their mores, just one more consequence of the big woolly welfare blankie – everything is someone else’s problem, not my responsibility…has it really have come as a surprise to DR?

Facepalm... (credit: http://www.12points.tv/)
Facepalm… (credit: http://www.12points.tv/)

In oh the irony! corner the first sods are being turned for CPH’s own Crystal Arena, but working from the danski labour book means it won’t be ready until Eurovision 2016. The Oresund Event Center’s involvement with WoCo is still making me wonder, mind – if Either/Or doesn’t work how about repeating last year’s fairy tale?

Is there anything more to say, or shall we just shake our heads at the fact that, basically, DR pushed the big Viking boat out to host something they haven’t got a venue for? The Danish Twittersphere is afire (relatively speaking) about sending real people to the blasted heath. Herning just doesn’t fit – it’s OK for The Danes but trade fairs don’t attract quite the same fan base as Eurovision – as DR’s blogger says, Herning may have the arena but that’s. it.

Is this the way it has to be, Eurovision as a TV event à la X Factor? Smaller, scaled down – why not miniaturise the whole thing and hold it at Legoland (handy for the airport, too)?

Thanks goodness it’s July, when everything danski closes down for a month. Maybe by August someone else will have solved the problem for DR. They are probably sticking their fingers in their ears and going lalala…

Featured image source: Wikipedia.