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Det skal nok gå! The #escdk drawing board

There’s been a touch of det skal nok gå about this week – a Danish mantra meaning it will all be alright on the night, or rather “if we put it in pending it will sort itself out”. Let’s look at the evidence,  which gives two chief impressions:

  • it’s #escscandi – we’ll do what the Swedes did, that went well…but while Sweden stressed small is beautiful from the start the Danes can’t help themselves trying to go large with their very own sparkly Olympics, Games Makers and all – plus more than half an eye on Euro 2020
  • as a result there’s a growing tension between yay Denmark! and a more international spirit – it’s #joinus, not We are one

Those shuttle boats

The shuttle boat problem summed up by Eurovision.tv:

A harbour bus typically has room for 64 passengers so there needs to be put on a few extra round-trips in order to accommodate 10,000 strong audience expected at each show.

Obviously everyone can’t leave at once, so another possibility “on the drawing board” is to extend bus route 9A. Checking trusty travel planner Rejseplanen reveals that the bus hurtles from the central station through town to the Opera in less than 15 minutes, but to reach Refshaleøen at the moment it’s a further 20 minute walk across some interesting topography:

the route to Eurovision Island
the route to Eurovision Island

How will this circle be squared? ESC Reporter senses fingers being crossed.  If you arrive early, what will there be to do on Eurovision Island besides admiring the view? What about the return journey, at gone midnight on Sunday 11 May? And what if it rains?

CPH weather, May 2013
CPH weather, May 2013

The Fan Mile

Strøget, Copenhagen’s main drag, isn’t exactly the Champs Élysées – hordes of flag waving fans are going to get up some shoppers’ noses. Plus what about the Metro building site at Kongens Nytorv? Update: there’s a competition on to hide it.

Meanwhile, three of Host City CPH’s seven attractions are particularly worth highlighting:

  • you’ll be able to get married on Strøget (echoes of a recent DR reality show with couples set up by the producers to get married the day they met)

  • you can drink the tap water in Copenhagen (who knew?)
  • Bejing will be represented on the Fan Mile (Emmelie is popular in China)

See ESC Reporter for the rest, apart from no 7, aka  mixed messages corner, where the right hand of Host City CPH states there will be limited activities on Eurovision Island – while the left hand of transport co Movia said earlier ways of keeping people entertained before the concerts start are being explored.

We’ve lots of ideas, it will be great…

This reassurance is undermined somewhat by the fact that so far most ideas have been a) Swedish b) not quite thought through c) drafty.

Is Team CPH is starting to believe its own hype? It’s all rather more reminiscent of the other recent contest with a virgin venue than the one at a practical arena accessible by regular trains with a shopping centre attached – but det skal nok gå.


It was Scotland what won it!

Spectator editor Fraser Nelson has called Eurovision 2013 for Scotland.

Emmelie de F spent years on the road with Weegie folkie Fraser Neill – wonder if she’ll be giving him a call now or if she’ll stick to playing with CPH Drummer Jacob.

The Spectator has followed this revelation up with another little gem – an interview with Fraser, living in Denmark for 15 years, who does his bit for dansk puffery:

When you come to a place like Denmark, you can work maybe two weeks a month and make a good amount of money.

Way to go!