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#metroxpressgate: wake me up when it’s all over

So, following the new rule of three there’s another Mumford & Sons in semi 2, it looks like Sweden really doesn’t want to win this year and the theme song is straight out of The Lion King. What else is up?

The countdown clocks are ticking. Over on Eurovision Island there’s no change and bills to pay.

ESC Today's countdown clock
ESC Today’s countdown – can anyone confirm that this total is different from the clock on CPH town hall square?

DR Indefra, a radio programme on DR’s highbrow station, took a look at progress at #bogwhallerne with Head of Show Jan Lagermand Lundme. It was snowing, not least through a hole in the roof, there were cranes and a lot of dirt, but still three months/100/90 89, Jan! days to go.

The reporter had a little #escdk checklist to run through. Back in October they’d only been able to tick off the first two points, but this time all six got a big fat tick, although only on paper and with brackets in some cases, and even that’s generous:

  1. The venue – they’re not moving. Yet.
  2. Theme/slogan – #joinus branding etc; somewhat defensively, JLL stated they were still happy with this.
  3. Lighting and sound equipment etc – on order.
  4. National song, interval acts – 100%, known to the second. So hold #myeurovisionidea. Dancers hired, graphics sent to the printer.
  5. Budget – På plads! ie a done deal. Much the same as for Eurovision 2013 in Sweden, DKK 150 million from DR, with income from ticket sales, sponsors, the EBU.
  6. Host/s – the trekløver, aka a three leafed clover.

Move along here, nothing to see…but what the programme omitted to mention was an article in freesheet MetroXpress, published on Tuesday evening, summarised med det samme by ESC Reporter: Broadcaster threatens to move Eurovision 2014.

Eagerly snapped up by the tabloids (Ekstra Bladet | BT, inc a video with a rather grumpy Exec Producer Pernille T in what we hope is faux fur and not giraffe), leading to a rebuttal from WoCo on DR’s Eurovision site – it’s not DR who need extra money and everything’s hunky dory between the #escdk players. ESC Reporter put the story to bed, but that’s not really the point is it?

Dogged Eurovision bloggers ESCKAZ (Thursday | Friday) and EuroVisionary have covered the increasing costs of converting a dilapidated shed into a modern arena for three nights only in forensic detail. Seems that It’s not just the now famous pillars which are causing a problem – the roof may not be able to hold lighting rigs etc, plus – who knew? – there’s only one road to Eurovision Island and transport plans are still on the drawing board:

They have not been having the right expertise in relation to this creative task and as such have underestimated the project. You can’t base such an arrangement on that it will be good weather or that you can find some volunteers who have a little rowing boat which they can use to sail the guests over. You have to think of a worst case scenario.

That from Leif Skov, former Head of Show, Roskilde Festival, to ESC Reporter. There’ll be a reason why neither DR nor Visit Copenhagen have comment facilities on their Eurovision sites. Regional councillor Mette Abilgaard had to leave a comment on Facebook to make her point, with a handy link to the council minutes.

Now it’s yonks since I sat through the blessed Borgen and atm for me #escdk host Pilou is a chubby ship’s cook w a beard, but never mind the kitsch, Kasper’s spin skills could come in handy. It’s lucky DR landed that one from the stock of 12 Danish actors.

Coming shortly after the latest ticketing crisis (let’s put the green room where we’ve already sold some seats and not tell the ticket retailer so their system crashes) you might get the impression that some people are good at setting fairy tale goals waay down the line but aren’t too bothered about the minor practical details.

We need a Can Denmark host Eurovison story in Eurosong’s Fantasy Eurovision series pdq – after Parken withdrew it’s difficult to see what feasible alternatives there were, although in better news the Copenhagen Arena should by ready for Eurovision 2016. Is it possible this experience might put other countries off the idea of hosting the thing? Glasgow could be up for it – the arena for the 2014 Commonwealth Games is in Finnieston, a gentrified former industrial wasteland.

And despite rebuttals it really does feel like WoCo and DR have fallen out – we’d noticed a certain distancing already, and are starting to really look forward to the uncensored version of DR’s documentary on the long and winding road to Eurovision 2014. Maybe best to show it in January next year, like Sweden did, so we can all bask in the after glow. Because, det skal nok gå. 


Three Danes to do work of one Swede

OK this may feel like old news, but hitting the publish button was delayed due to the pleasure of watching #metroxpressgate unfold. What’s that about then? Coming up next.

At 11:05ish yesterday the hosts of Eurovision 2014 were revealed under a golden shower, just like at the end of Teardrops – if you’ve got an idea, why not flog it to death?

Before that JLL and Pernille of the lovely hair (see our guide to the #escdk players) made a stab at rhyming couplets på dansk, a language not known for its poetry, but soon gave up and handed back to a safer pair of hands. Maybe they should have tried a form of English.

DR (sic) has gone for the troika formation, as seen most recently in Oslo, Düsseldorf and Baku, ie in three of the last four contests, but (crucially) not in Sweden. There is some novelty in that this time it’s two guys and one woman, but isn’t it still overegging the pudding a tad when not everyone can scrape together the kroner to #joinus?

Things may well get a bit crowded out there, but with the previous threesomes someone’s largely been relegated to green room duty (remember: this year the green room’s taken your seat). Plus maybe someone’s being lined up for le coin de la comédie, running round the bits of Refshaleøen the budget didn’t reach in a noir like fashion.

the three #escdk hosts
Who was the Odd Fellow out at Odd Fellow Palæet?

Time will tell. Meanwhile spare a thought for CSMO’C, displaced by three people whose names put together only just exceed hers in length.

As it happens we’re pretty happy with DR’s pack of three replacing Queen Petra. Nikolaj lends a touch of class to proceedings, Lise is a safe pair of hands and well, did you really think we’d get through #escdk without pandering to #scandimania? Plus it means our Borgen tag gets the ultimate run out. 

Following the new rule of three, here’s a selection from the many items of host reveal coverage: ESC Reporter (the classic), EuroVisionary (the empathetic) and Schlagerblog (the unexpected).

#escdk kicks off!

So, #escdk kicked off in a completely civilised way. Danglish on show, Byzantine rules,  a bit of recycling – and just a tad dull. All very Danish.

Here are our highlights from yesterday’s key change and lottery draw:

  • live blogs which update without hitting F5! Stand up ESC Reporter, ESC+Plus, DR Grand Prix and latecomer escXtra
  • the #esckickoff Scandi playlist, with Dansevise,  Take me to your heaven, La det svinge – and honorary Viking Gina G
  • the Netherland typo for editors everywhere, possibly a trick of the light:

Get the skinny and relive the excitement of the balls here, or see the full delight from DR Grand Prix. WoCo’s got it down to 2 mins.

Sequins and specs: Christiane Schaumburg MO’C for host

DR Grand Prix is valiantly churning out Q&As with the team, equally valiantly translated into a form of English by the Eurovision blogosphere – we’ve links to the lot on our #escdk players page. Maybe they’re saving the good stuff for the big documentary (translation). There’s an art to writing a compelling news story, which is why we stick to listing and snark.

Anyway, what about the host, eh? Our early thought was Birgitte Nyborg, who doubtless speaks lycée level French, to match her near flawless English, but we’ve decided she’s a bit too Petra Mede-esque.

Borgen's Birgitte Nyborg

Someone else who had an early thought was Christiane Schaumburg-Müller O’Connor:

Who she? In short, a TV hostess, actress, model and dancer, with a BA in Communications and French from Copenhagen Business School. Married to a half Irish rapper by the name of L.O.C., taking her up to the requisite four names. Tess Daly in the danski Strictly Come Dancing until last year, she’s just published a book of beauty tips. Here’s her website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.

Speaks French. Dances. Can you see where we’re going with this? L.O.C. also has TV cred (ish – judge on The Voice), so maybe he could be the Dr Death to her Tooth Fairy?

In the spirit of DR’s series here’s fem skarpe to Christiane from her Q&A in Politiken’s Mit forbrug column on Saturday, entitled “I’ve a whole room for clothes”.

  1. Is there anything you won’t eat? – I don’t like shellfish. Lobster, shrimp, oysters, things like that. 
  2. How do you treat yourself in the evening? – I’m a dark chocolate addict, I treat myself to it every night. It’s terrible – I probably eat half a bar a day. And good tea – black or red Rooiboos, I buy it at Tante T or Palais des Thés in Paris. My family has a flat in Paris and I go there a lot.
  3. What about second hand? – Shoes have to be new, but  I like saving money on clothes and bags, ha ha. I buy a lot abroad – vintage is ridiculously expensive in Denmark, and the whole idea is to get a bargain. I bought a Chanel jacket in England for DK 4000 – it would have cost DK 20,000 or more here.
  4. Are you a handyman? – My friend’s father Jack gave me a course in how to use a drill, and I’ve hung my TV on a load bearing wall. The best thing I got last year was an electric screwdriver, and I love my pink toolkit. There’s something really cool about doing things yourself – who cares if it goes a bit wrong?
  5. What means of transport do you own? – A Mercedes and a Batavus bike. I love cycling, unless I’m wearing a really tight skirt or I’m on the way to a photo shoot, when you can’t have messy hair. I don’t mind if it rains on the way home. If you get soaked you can have a nice hot bath and crawl into cosy jogging bottoms and a big jumper.

Bonus quote:

I do SEQUINS and I do specs.

For the rest see the online version, retitled to give a tip to her hairdresser, and a Google translation, which has the Danglish off pat.

Here she is in action, showing once again in Denmark it’s all about the host:

Horsens: we’re no one horse town

Could it be getting serious for Horsens & Friends? Fængslets getting a roof – and here’s the pics to prove it! Let’s try reading the runes…

  • Runrig, celebrating the #eurovision 2013 Celtic vibe as well as their 40th anniversary, played in Fængslet on Saturday night
  • prisons, The Killing, Nordic Noir….Horsens hosts the annual Krimimesse book festival
  • bid director Frank Panduro may or may not have a connection with Panduro, a Danish handicrafts shop well stocked with pailleter (sequins)
  • Fængslet’s funky one page website showcases Danish design
  • Bodil Kjær, famous resident and office furniture designer, shares the same initials as Birthe Kjær, DK 1989. Will we be painting Horsens red in 2014?

Minus points though for using the ‘thinking outside of the box‘ joke again.

Sources: Ekstra Bladet, Eurovision Ireland, Wiwibloggs

Update: 12points.tv sounds a cautionary note

Your #escdk venue: any more offers?

Lots of figures being thrown around…Eurovision 2001 netted CPH 117 million kroner. A  TV audience of 125 million viewers for Eurovision 2014 could translate into advertising revenue alone of 160 million kroner. OTOH the 2001 show cost 65 million kroner, and Malmø’s three shows cost 125 million Swedish. So farvel to any more series of Borgen.

Lots of one horse towns in Udkantsdanmark (Jutland) wouldn’t mind a piece of the action.

from DR’s Melodi Grand Prix Facebook timeline
from DR’s Melodi Grand Prix Facebook timeline – what’s missing?

So, in no particular order, here’s the full list of runners and riders:

  • Copenhagen – Parken hosted Eurovision 2001 with a record live audience of 35,000, but it’s too big and has rubbish acoustics; could the Danes pull an Azerbaijan and get the proposed Crystal Copenhagen Arena finished in time?
  • Herning (pop: 45,000, hotel beds: 1800, taxis: 1) – the 15,000 capacity Boxen has held large events such as the X Factor Final and DMGP 2013; bid supported by Aarhus and the Dansk Folkeparti (UKIP) but the case against includes the fact that sod all happens there 
  • AalborgGigantium (capacity 6-8K) hosted DMGP 2012, but no official bid so seems unlikely; pulled out 17 June
  • Fredericia – situated in DK’s Golden Triangle close to other towns such as Billund (airport alert!), and foreigner fave Middelfart with good hotel capacity, MesseC could host the thing! (stop laughing at the back)
  • Horsens – why not try the open air venue at Fængslet, the former state prison? here’s why
  • Skanderup – homemade bid from a local school/college thing (danski humour alert)
  • Greenland or The Faroes – both under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark – eek! really thinking outside of the box (thanks DR)
  • Malmö Arena

HT: Herning challenging capital as host.

Updates: Charlotte Jensen gives a danski view on CPH vs Jutland and Louis does a comparison table, missing out Billund Airport (around 60km from Herning, flights from inter alia Birmingham).