#escdk needs you

Have you heard, the ‘official’ hashtag is #joinus. Cynics might surmise that this is a vanity tag, and we’re not reading anything into the #escdk Instagram feed on the Visit Copenhagen portal.

To be fair the #joinus website is gradually taking shape as the team decides what to do with it. First up, #myeurovisionidea crowdsourced ideas for the three interval acts – no shortage of mermaids, Vikings…or Jedward.

The result of this global headscratching appears to be EdF’s new single aka the #escdk anthem, sung by all the participants in a round of fællessang…best of luck with that:

Next up, time for the audience to #jointheshow with #myeurovisionsong and #myeurovisiondance for the semi-final interval acts – it’s probably not that complex to do but suspect falls into the canna bovvered category for most people.

All this is supposedly cutting edge TV, but may be misjudging the target audience, who prefer snark.

Volunteers – the #escdk Games Makers!

Handled by WoCo under the guise of Host City Copenhagen via CPH Volunteers, this went through three rounds:

  1. Delegation hosts – only for danski speakers and not for the faint hearted. 
  2. Danish speaking volunteers – here’s an article by Eurovision 2013 volunteer, Madeleine Olson.
  3. General volunteers – “we require that you speak English, but knowledge of other language skills might direct us to which tasks we can assign you to”.

Expect to see some familiar faces from Eurovision 2013 – Swedish volunteers were encouraged to get involved, a definite advantage on several levels. Training has involved hugging sessions, in an attempt to rectify the Danes’ reputation for being closed and unfriendly. As the trainer said, if only the good humour could spread to the rest of the population…

According to one report 966 volunteers have been recruited, half of whom are coming from abroad to take up the opportunity – can that really be right? 54 nationalities are represented, with age ranging from 18 to 77.

Be a virtual guide! 

Another option was to Show your Copenhagen to a Eurovision fan – for expats living within the CPH council area with an exhaustive knowledge of its delights. 17 guides, all speaking the same Danglish and many mentioning bikes. appeared on 1 April. All a bit one note – think hip and happening.

Check out Radu from Romania – isn’t he in Prague?

surely some mistake?


Stand-ins will again be used in the early rehearsals – it was here that the Swedish songbird Ellen was discovered last year. As well as 37 pupils from Danseskolen Frederiksberg and 57 from Nya Malmö Latin school DR called for volunteers for its ‘skeleton crew’, who will be doing their bit on the big stage from 14-17 April.


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