DMGP in the past

DMGP tribute concertTwo DMGP tribute concerts are being held on Eurovision Island in the run up to #escdk. It looks a very danski affair, and at Danish prices out of reach for many, but still great for nostalgia buffs.

Have I mentioned that we live round the corner from Birthe Kjær’s home of 18 years?

Anyway, if you can’t make it there are lots of lovely DMGP playlists on YouTube, or you can just cut to the chase with the trailer from Vi maler byen rød, the DMGP musical:

DMGP in exhaustive detail

For a look back at DMGP 2013 see DR’s story on how the barefoot fairy beat the favourites (på dansk).

Who represented Denmark at Eurovision? All the facts and figures from the Diggiloo Thrush.

Where has DMGP been held in the past? – has a list and a #dmgp tag if you need to catch up.

Ready to test your Danish?


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