#dmgp: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Odense - Grand Prix Town 2014Fyn loves Eurovision! Keep up to date in the run-up to DMGP on 8 March by following Fyn elsker Melodi Grand Prix on Facebook.

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Danes call Eurovision Melodi Grand Prix, or just Grand Prix. When I first moved to Denmark I though there were some unusual Formula 1 fans. Anyway, the national final is called Dansk Melodi Grand Prix – see what they did there – or DMGP. On Twitter #dmgp#dmgp2014 and #dmgp14 all sighted.

Arena Fyn
“That’s Arena Fyn? But it looks like a box…” Welcome to Denmark!

#dmgp2014 is being held in Arena Fyn in Odense on 8 March, part of Denmark’s Eurovision spring.

Your hosts, announced on 17 January, are Louise Wolff and Jacob “where’s Bruno?” Riising.

possibly no queues here

Tickets are on sale via the dreaded Billetlugen.

Arena Fyn is part of Odense Congress Center; all på dansk but here’s how to get there (and bus times) if you want to get ahead.

A record-breaking 872 songs were submitted, and six songs plus four wild cards (one of which will win) were selected. The 10 participants were revealed on 28 January, with 30 second snippets at a press conference on 17 February (most notable for the fact that Sonny phoned his performance in).

The songs will be played in full on P4 Play (12:20-13:00) in the week before DMGP, with a CD released on 7 March.

And they are still in it to win it:

Mayor of Odense Anker Boye and DR's Rasmus Ladefoged
“The last time Denmark hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, we came second with Rollo & King. If we can do a little better next year, I’ll be happy” – DR’s Rasmus Ladefoged (right) with Mayor of Odense Anker Boye (credit: Eurosong.dk)

DMGP tribute concertMoving on, two DMGP tribute concerts are being held on Eurovision Island in the run up to #escdk. It looks a very danski affair, and at Danish prices out of reach for many, but still great for nostalgia buffs.

Have I mentioned that we live round the corner from Birthe Kjær’s home of 18 years?

Anyway, if you can’t make it there are lots of lovely DMGP playlists on YouTube, or you can just cut to the chase with the trailer from Vi maler byen rød, the DMGP musical:

DMGP in exhaustive detail:


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