Foreigners, please don't leave us alone with the Danes!
photo: Superflex

The most essential quality of New Nordic as a concept is the ability to find luxury in simple things.

So says Visit Denmark. That’s one way of putting it.

Before I moved to Denmark I thought Copenhagen was on Jutland (aka the sticky up bit above Germany) and that living here would be like the UK with added marzipan.

When you live small country it’s important to keep perspective, but yes, the supermarkets are awful. It’s easy to criticise things for being different. There’s reams of  bloggage on DK bigging itself up, so here’s an alternative linksfest.

Must be a wind-up:

How to fit in:

On the other hand, here’s how to piss off a Dane.

Just how happy are they?

The backlash 

Michael Booth’s The almost nearly perfect people is out now and going large in The Guardian. Catch a flavour of it in Extremism, Danish style – the Danish edition garned lots of forehead wrinkling articles in the serious Danish press.

Patrick Kingsley’s How to be Danish is a pretty fair introduction, while Sam Leith was a bit early to the party. But for the true antidote to endless fairy tale #happydanes, Kierkegaard, the ultimate gloomy Dane taking himself too seriously, is your man – see Kierkegaard 2013.

Oh, and much of it is a Scandi thing.


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