Covering #escdk

Eurovision is popping up everywhere! Below, highlights from the Danish press, expats, the WoCo branding machine, the fan community – and the unexpected.

If there’s some unlikely coverage from your country do giv os et praj/let us know!

The Danish press

DR, like many a national broadcaster, has a reputation for playing fast and loose with taxpayers’ money (yes we know it’s the WoCo cabale who are responsible for the stuff which goes wrong but nobody. cares.) hence in the run-up to May the knives were out. Stories in Danish – Google Translate is your friend:

In broadly positive corner we are pretty much left with Er du med på melodien, København?, which tries to point out that Eurovision isn’t the same as Melodi Grand Prix, and that being host is a big thing.

Will the tone change during Eurovision fortnight?


The Copenhagen Post ran From grime to glitz: Eurovision jumps on industrial bandwagon back in September. It’s an interesting one for expats – some, like New Zealander Olivia Parkinson, are discovering Eurovision for the first time, though Danish eyes…

Among the expat press pack are The Michael Booth and Alex Forrest for Al Jazeera, who confesses “the last time I got really excited about Eurovision was when Bucks Fizz won for the UK”. Oh dear. Update: now she’s quite the fangirl : D

Out & About has a 68 page Eurovision special in English.

Crossing the Sound, The Local finds itself in a tricky position, to defend Swedish honour or stick to snark? A safe bet is to run What do Swedes really think about Eurovision?

The WoCo branding machine

Wonderful Copenhagen has a brand to push and nothing’s going to stop them. I’m near saturation point, but if it’s new to you see Visit Copenhagen’s #joinus site.

Our top picks:

The Eurovision fan community

ESC Buzz rounds up the best of the bloggers. Here’s some more bits and pieces:

Scandinavian Kitchen, one of London’s Scandi eateries, have a range of offerings including a guide to voting, bingo card and Danish party food ideas.

The unexpected: “my guilty pleasure”

Coverage also pops up from unlikely and even random sources:

And mainstream goes Eurovision: the Gdn jumped on the #joinus bandwagon with a Eurovision Guardian Witness assignment (story) | liveblog | dissing the entries | Emma Brockes in NY. Rather less complimentary about the R2 Eurovision pop-up radio station: “But not everything is the Olympics. There just aren’t that many cultural or sporting events that are interesting enough for such relentless analysis and promotion…Being told you have to enjoy yourself for a long time in an organised manner makes everyone resentful. It’s a turn-off.” Could have been worse – DR Grand Prix kept it up for months.

The BBC had inter alia a  reporter’s diary.


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