Eurovision 2015: the postscript

So Sweden won, again. Italy won the public vote, and would have made a more interesting 2016, while Russia got booed and cried. The UK wasn’t last – that honour went to the hosts.

It’s rather more interesting to knock out the top 3, which would have seen a return to Brussels in 2016. Stig and Elina edged the battle of the moody duets, but Mørland winning the composers’ Marcel Bezençon represents a moral – and musical – victory in my eyes.

@grahnort: the stage is a more human scale this year

Host 1:”Shall we speak Chinese?” Host 2: “Please don’t.”

Making a welcome return:

the Scandinavia and the World comic

Both Vienna and ORF came in under budget, and with €27.8 million income made a profit of €4.5 million, just saying, WoCo. The hordes of hosts did a grand job, without trying too hard. Vienna may well be having a well deserved moment – see the quoteworthy Oh Vienna: observations from the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in the FT.

Some more #some treats:

2016 will surely see perfect polymath Måns on hosting duties – just who is the real Måns? His welcome home performance in Lund, where he was given a magnolia tree by the mayor, was rather more gritty than the stage one, and the song held up surprisingly well without the wee men.

Apparently Stockholm is having issues with arenas, which may mean Göteborg…it has trams, but isn’t it the Swedish Herning? Another Nordic Eurovision may well lead to countries wearying of the charms of Scandi prices crying “Pass” – when I go to sleep I can still see the Moldovan fans counting their small change outside McDs in Malmö.

Meanwhile, ArenaCPHX is taking shape out on the edgelands of Amager, ready for 2017…

Featured image:


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