Eurovision 2015: symphony of a thousand

Predictions! Semi 1 and semi 2 predictions rethought here and there. See Mik’s ranking at the foot of the post.

Bigging up #AUT as hosts who realise it’s not all about them.

Featured image: Spittelau power station goes disco with #ISR 

1 Slovenia

  • Ann: Will suffer as show opener. Idea: come together at the end. Edged by #NOR as my winner, but FTW for Eurovizh going forward.
  • Mik: Worthy qualifier and opener, but the live performance is dissappointing.

2 France

  • Ann: La France shafted once again.
  • Mik: Belongs to 1977, but she has a good voice and I like the build up of the song. And what an impressive video wall. But this a dreadful draw.

3 Israel

  • Ann: He’s only 16, you know.
  • Mik: Golden Boy delivers and this cheerful up tempo song will do well.

4 Estonia

  • Ann:  Still charmless and repetitive. Shouldn’t knock a man for trying hele _nine_ times, but Stig sucks the air out of my world.
  • Mik: Still a favourite and very convincing. Yes, they are moody but what an act.

5 UK

  • Ann: Jolly good show. Could salvage something from coming after Estonia. Not.
  • Mik: Tricky: a lot can go wrong on the evening. Main worry: stage presence. This could be the new Scooch or be a Brotherhood of Man and do well. I am afraid it will be Scooch.

6 Armenia

  • Ann: Cape Fear.
  • Mik: Diaspora vote and nothing else: it is just not believable and the shouting at the end…

7 Lithuania

  • Ann: Innocence lost. Gay cruise-tastic.
  • Mik: Very refreshing, and they know how to sell this simple song.

8 Serbia

  • Ann: The fans help this one bring the house down. You go girl!
  • Mik: Very Eurovision, and it just works on the evening.

9 Norway

  • Ann:  A masterclass from start to finish.  Shouldn’t be too troubled by the draw – top 3 minimum. (What key is it in?)
  • Mik: Absolutely stunning and intriguing: this deserves a medal.

10 Sweden 

  • Ann: Next…computer generated, lacks edge, musical magic and sparkle. No surprises here, and won’t triumph from this starting position.
  • Mik: Not as good as it thinks it is or maybe we have seen it too much.

11 Cyprus 

  • Ann: ♥️ A true muso. Shame they Disneyfied the a cappella section, but it was a risk.
  • Mik: The song has been Disneyfied, and the intimacy has gone, but he is very likeable and charming.

12 Australia

  • Ann: Not keen. Doesn’t feel very Eurovision, not very sympatico.
  • Mik: Bruno Mars from Australia. It will get a lot of sympathy votes.

13 Belgium

  • Ann: If this wasn’t #BEL I’d be ROFLing.
  • Mik: Wow: it all came together on the night. Will impress both jury and televote.

14 Austria

  • Ann: Darryl Hall and John Oates. Nice hat.
  • Mik: Good effort but it doesn’t really go anywhere.

15 Greece

  • Ann: Tepid moussaka with a twist of James Bond.
  • Mik: She does have breathing difficulties. But what a build up.

16 Montenegro

  • Ann: More than a touch of the Robert Palmers here – with his own daughter. Cross fingers this finishes below 19th (#MNE, 2014) and below Serbia, so Željko flounces off in a huff never to return.
  • Mik: Yes, we have heard it all before, but Željko is still very talented.

17 Germany

  • Ann: One for the clip shows.
  • Mik: It’s ok, but she lacks likeability and tries too hard.

18 Poland

  • Ann: Surprise qualifier. If only it was a better song.
  • Mik: She has had her 15 min of fame, it is just a very boring song.
Milda – more than a passing resemblance (Source: Wikipedia)

19 Latvia

  • Ann: Cake successfully baked! Aminata seems likeable. Will she split the arty poseur vote?
  • Mik: What an energy, very fascinating. She knows what she is doing and it will be rewarded.

20 Romania

  • Ann: Still liking this, feels genuine, but needs better styling up front. Not keen on the Coldplay moment.
  • Mik: A song with a message, but not strong enough.

21 Spain

  • Ann: Guilty pleasure.
  • Mik: It is an old Eurovision formula that has had its day. Next.

22 Hungary

  • Ann: Back to the toilet.
  • Mik: I do like this one, but it lacks energy and won’t do well.

23 Georgia

  • Ann: Frankly, who cares? Get over yourself.
  • Mik: Talk about a fighter. It just works.

24 Azerbaijan

  • Ann: More interesting than at first sight: kinda Lord of the Rings tribute.
  • Mik: It doesn’t go anywhere, not memorable enough. Bottom.

25 Russia

  • Ann: Vocally not flawless in the semi, but this could do it. I’d laugh like a drain.
  • Mik: Winner.

26 Albania

  • Ann: Another surprise qualifier. On point with the cape (but changed for the final?).
  • Mik: How this could go through is a mystery to me. Last.

27 Italy

  • Ann: Popera, in Vienna? This is going to feel like the interval act.
  • Mik: Italia has got talent: it is everything you would expect from Italia. It’s definitely a hit, but a bit of a one hit wonder. Top 3.

Prost – you made it! Enjoy a glass of Almdudler, Eurovision partner 2015

1. Russia
2. Italy
3. Sweden
4. Australia
5. Norway
6. Belgium
7. Latvia
8. Estonia
9. Georgia
10. Serbia
11. Israel
12. Slovenia
13. Lithuania
14. Cyprus
15. Greece
16. Austria
17. Poland
18. France
19. Montenegro
20. Romania
21. Armenia
22. Az
23. UK
24. Germany
25. Spain
26. Hungary
27. Albania


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