WoCo’s dirty laundry

2018 update: the things that go on, and on…Danish Cultural Institute reports the end of an #escdk related case against its General Secretary

Updated for 2016: Repayments demanded in Eurovision scandal. You want more?

  • June 2015: auditors’ report! The whole farrago cost DK 310 million,  167% over budget. DR absolved of any blame – although watching this year’s safe pair of hands at work many things came back to haunt me, not least Lise Rønne in the ‘green room’.
  • May 2015: in a piece called Building tourist bridges ESC Insight’s Jenny Wren gets those dirty sheets back out of the linen basket – those Malmö comparisons gotta hurt…
  • Jan 2015: in Berlingske cultural critics DOXA note the absence of any form of self criticism from DR, while WoCo CEO Lars Bernhard Jørgensen resigns, a move spun as a “generational shift”. Let us never talk of such things again.

Three months on, some of the issues flagged up here and in the Danish press are reaching a sort of resoution, although the #escdk repurcussions will drag on for months – if not years – yet.

The international bandwagon has rolled on to Vienna, which, one trusts, will be characterised by attention to detail rather than a det skal nok gå /”it’s not my problem” project management style.

We’ve reached peak Eurovision here, although once national final season kicks off and there’s nowt on Danish TV we may well be back.

See also Metroxpress’ overview page.

Eurovision leadership employed own family

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