The Big Final: #join the competition

This could go down to the wire. Here’s a slideshow of fans and favourites:

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Predictions! Some like to rank the whole thing but I can’t possibly rank 37 songs. Here they are in the running order, with Mik’s ranking in brackets. He’s done a good job : P

1 Ukraine

Ann: an opener for the dads? A poor effort for me. Cheap.

Mik: Good opener, a bit too calculated. (13)

2 Belarus

Ann: don’t have a problem with this, unlike Robin Thicke, but lacks impact

Mik: Cheeky, but boyband doesn’t work. Bad draw. (23)

3 Azerbaijan

Ann: Dilara doesn’t do fur – what’s not to like? Answer: the trapeze in a church gimmick. A show rather than a song.

Mik: Great voice, very nice and impressive staging. (9)

4 Iceland 

Ann: my favourite’s the one in the green. Happy enough to see it make the final. 

Mik: Witty, colourful. Better than you might think. (14)

5 Norway

Ann: despite/because of getting Carl in Matchmaker this makes me want to slit my wrists. Ditch the formation violinists.

Mik: A male Adele. Works for me: very convincing. Lyrics are beautiful. (8)

6 Romania 

Ann: this year’s Elitsa and Stoyan at least made the final. Shoulda done She’s after my piano instead.

Mik: Too much desperate action on stage, which makes it very dated. Would do well in High School Musical. (19)

7 Armenia

Ann: one for the production team – lots of lighting, pyros but not likeable and not enough of a story arc

Mik: Efficient dubstep that makes the song. But too angry in the end. (11)

8 Montenegro

Ann: and exhale…the real deal. Makes full use of the stage, musically interesting. But the dream of Cetinje is over with this draw.

Mik: Sweet, but not memorable enough. Gives a mediocre impression. But Sergeii is good. (16)

9 Poland

Ann: it’s ironic. Isn’t it? Funniest entry of the night. Donatan?

Mik: Clever song and very good gimmick, but tastes differ. Polish version is better than English one. (10)

10 Greece

Ann: who needs a trapeze when you’ve got a trampoline? Great fun.

Mik: Fun, cheeky, memorable hook and jolly trampoline act lifts you up. Could be a massive Summer hit. (2)

11 Austria

Ann: not for me – can’t get past the very dated song

Mik: A song with a message, which appeals to many, but might scare others. (5)

12 Germany

Ann: die Mädels are lovely but Unheilig is missed; seems to run on an endless loop. On as late as possible, but if I were NDR I’d be a bit cross.

Mik: Anonymous, amateurish and just gets boring in the end. A shame: 0 points. (26)

13 Sweden

Ann: does Sanna have a Sanna wig? She sings, the lighting works. Doesn’t rock my world.

Mik: All very safe. Get the  stylist sacked. Very impressive light show, which makes and explains the song. (4)

14 France

Ann: having a larf, oh yeah, but moustaches aren’t enough this year

Mik: Greece Lite, but not as good. Tries too hard. (17)

15 Russia

Ann: more twins, mystifying props; effective if unexciting

Mik: Dull and too clinical. And that paper sun? Why? (18)

16 Italy

Ann: the last of the real women with personalities not taking themselves too seriously, but a mega let-down after the fun vid

Mik: Poor vocals, messy performance. Very disappointing. (22)

17 Slovenia

Ann: surprise qualifier (1); pleasant enough but just goes round in circles

Mik: Very effective and pretty backdrop. But too dizzy. Flute works. But we want Maya Keuc back, next year. (15)

18 Finland

Ann: surprise qualifier (2); Coldplay is bad enough, but Finnish Coldplay? banal

Mik: Fresh boyband, with a stadium rock anthem. Doesn’t come across on telly. (20)

19 Spain

Ann: rousing but shouty; good use of two languages means a better effort from Spain though

Mik: Too much and too shouty. Impressive backdrop. Messy hair: remember an umbrella next time you go out in the rain.  (25)

20 Switzerland

Ann: our favourite Swiss folk musician cum lawyer gives the best show of the night

Mik: Best Swiss entry for years. Douze points for charm. (12)

21 Hungary

Ann:  Just say no. Too in your face however hard it tries to pretend it isn’t really. No to interpretative dance.

Mik: Works on stage. Very good storytelling song, with a memorable ending. (3)

22 Malta

Ann: very Teardrops in a pushing the buttons way, feels fake and churchy

Mik: Likable, yet forgettable. Just too Christian. (24)

23 Denmark

Ann: third time lucky on the banner, but still whiny on high notes and too hectic dancing (“hi-stepping dog do”)

Mik: Are they in Glee?  Home crowd pleaser. Fun, catchy and good live performance.  Maybe it was just too good for Junior Eurovision? (6)

24 The Netherlands

Ann: time for something different; comes over very well on TV, should spring a surprise amid all the noise and could even be a breakout hit

Mik: Classy professional act, with chemistry. It  will go down well in both East & West and get both jury and telelevote. (1)

25 San Marino

Ann: the pearl of the republic – felicitazioni to Valentina and Uncle Ralph, the San Marinese Andrew Lloyd Webber. You can stay home next year – but come back soon! 

Mik: Aguri, San Marino! She has finally made it to the final. Sweet and confident performance. Just not a strong song. (21)

26 United Kingdom

Ann: too many words, too Eurovision, too difficult…Eurovision won’t be coming home.

Mik: Love raspy voice and great track to end the show. Gets loads of help from DR.  Very cheesy Eurotrash lyrics, similar to Love shine a Light, but Power to the People is what makes the song. (7)


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