The harbour bus stop story so far

Update, 27 April: alternative arrangements in hand?

On  Wednesday Host City CPH revealed the #escdk travel guide. Frankly it’s about as confusing and long winded as ours. At the top is this picture:

photo: Ty Stange

Rather different from the picture I took on Tuesday:

What’s going on? Here’s the short version – thanks to @esckaz for his support in picking all this apart.

My picture is taken from the right hand side of Nyhavn as you walk towards the harbour, showing the current 993 harbour bus stop. The 993 (Movia details) shuttles between Nyhavn and the Opera.

Host City CPH’s pic is taken from next to the Royal Playhouse, a short stroll from the left hand side of Nyhavn. A Google Image search reveals that it’s not a current image – among previous uses are a Huffington Post article from 2013, Copenhagen flexes its mussels, and a Danish tourist guide from 2012. Tsk tsk.

According to Movia, the 992 harbour bus, which plies the full route as far as Eurovision Island, is not stopping at Nyhavn at the moment due to works next to the Royal Playhouse:

click to go the page – maybe it’s been updated?

The stop is not due to reopen until 1 June. That’s why I didn’t go looking there on Tuesday.

Repeated requests to Visit Copenhagen to shed some light on #escdk harbour buses beyond the current skeleton details have merely elicited the information that the stop is the stop next to the Royal Playhouse.

Which yesterday looked like this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Rather than this:

2014-04-13 12.07.22
Nordre Tolbod, Movia’s suggested alternative to the closed stop at Nyhavn

We’re taking the (regular) bus.


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