Eurovision Island (4): red byens trær!

Update, 18 April: see Alexander Kostin’s photo blog for the latest from Refshaleøen.

A month to the day since our last visit, what’s new on Eurovision Island? Alerted by Red Byens Trær (Save the City’s Trees), we were particularly keen to see the effect of the extensive building works on nature in the area. Host City CPH may have committed to restoring #bogwhallerne to its previous state, but while you may be able to put back metal supports and old doors, the same trick won’t work with trees.

And yes, an area from the end of Krudtløbsvej has been razed to the ground to create a path, separating (presumably) pedestrians from vehicular traffic. Some edgy street art to replace a tent in the remaining trees. Trouble is, we can’t really remember what it looked like before…

Otherwise, we couldn’t get inside this time and had to be content with clambering round in ever increasing circles. We’ll take a last pre-Eurovision trip in April.


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