The #dmgp 10 revealed

The participants in this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, aka the Danish national final, were released yesterday (translation) in a surprise move possibly prompted by some leakage. Snippets and a press conference due on 17 February.

Many people have already bemoaned the fact that #dmgp is taking place on Super Saturday, 8 March, the same evening as Sweden’s #melfest final, and it’s not quite clear why it’s so late this year – maybe to allow the excitement on Fyn to reach fever pitch, or perhaps the Olsen Bros were busy in January.

The 10 participants are a little underwhelming, including two returnees (Bryan Rice: “it’s almost my duty to take part”, err no…), Basim from X Factor 2008 with two songs (Gud bevare Danmark) a reality show star, assorted girls ready to blur lines…bored already. Looks like Denmark doesn’t want to do the double, instead it’s onwards and upwards to Euro 2020.

As a public service here’s DR’s list of #dmgp participants’ Twitter handles:

They can do word clouds now too, and it’s rather lovely:

#dmgp song title word cloud


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