Happy Eurovision 2014!

December has been one dizzying whirl of #escdk announcements, all to be forgotten by 11 May 2014. Did you see the SVT doc about Eurovsion 2013? Haven’t seen so many whey faced Swedes since they last lost to Denmark in the girls’ handball.

an abandoned Xmas tree
Xmas passed (credit: The Hollywood Walker)

Enough of the existential angst, let’s celebrate the fairy tale which will be Eurovision 2014 with all December’s news.

Eurovision 2014 logo
that logo

The diamond in the rough – this rushed looking effort pre-empting Eurovision’s own 60th anniversary has attracted much opprobrium as well as a lot of looky likeys. Here’s the clunky symbolism:

A diamond is sparkling and strong. It has many different aspects and shows the diversity which will be shown on the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest…it shows the visual thinking we have for Eurovision 2014: The raw B & W combined with the sparkling show and in the middle on the stage, the diamond as a combining force, right there where it all takes place.

Thank you, Pernille Gaardbo (in translation). See Eurovision.tv’s gallery of theme art in past years for comparison, plus Internet reactions and ESC Reporter’s critique

Meanwhile. things are stirring around Eurovision Island:

Undercover detective work also reveals that the predicted pontoon is on its way.

#escdk was the 29th most popular hashtag in Denmark in 2013 with 20K tweets (including RTs), 13K of which were made during the show itself. The @escdk14 team has only really been tweeting since September, even if they have changed their bio and/or handle three times, and Twitter isn’t huge in Denmark, so it’s all a bit new, unlike in the UK, where both Junior Eurovision (#jesc2013) and the Albanian national final (#fik52) both trended.

We’ll look at this a lot more closely in 2014, but you can’t knock them for trying. The #myeurovisionidea meme has already garnered more than 2.5K original tweets and DR’s creative team has promised to look at them all – good luck with that! Missed a trick though with not doing an easy Twitter/Faceboook/Instragram aggregation on the #joinus website

And don’t most people go to the loo and recharge their glasses during the interval act? I do – though I hung around for the crawling on the ceiling in 2009: 

What should the interval act – and Eurovision – really be about? Should it “ooze Denmark”? Should the postcards be about the singer or their country? The SVT doc stressed that it’s not about the production team (who looked exhausted throughout) but about the participants and bringing Europe together. Those of us concerned at the #joinus ethos will be playing close heed to the developing Us vs Them balancing act.

Finally, if you’ve stopped by here before you might notice that we’ve freshened things up a bit with the new WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme – more content and lots of on trend pretty pictures to resize. 

We’re spending Hogmanay on a train – see the vid below for how the Danes celebrate the New Year. Best wishes for Eurovision 2014 and beyond!


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