Boom boom! Party for everybody

How can the rest of Denmark – including the good people of Herning – get involved in #escdk? Wonderful Copenhagen asked Christian Have for advice (på dansk only).

Christian, creative director of Have Communications, puts forward some ideas aimed at building an exciting danski parallel mini-universe in the months up to May. A package of concepts targeted at local actors such as councils, cultural centres and music schools should ensure that #escdk is not a closed event, experienced by the majority of Danes from their TV screen, but a real “people’s festival”.

A local #escdk could consist simply of a big screen in the town square, with pre-concert entertainment and appearances by local musicians. Going a step further, it could celebrate more than 50 years of #escdk history – who’s your local #dmgp star? Let new musicians reinterpret their song if they are not available. Danes could also be invited to share their memories, relive the highlights from years gone by and take part in lookey likey and fan competitions on a national digital platform. (Yes they could, but it wouldn’t work.)

We’re willing to bet some of these ideas are already being put into action, what with Christian being on WoCo’s board. And there’s more – Christian was the one with the big drum in Mabel, 16th in Eurovision 1978:


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