#escdk needs you (2): the reciprocity principle

WoCo aka Visit Copenhagen, who are handling the #escdk volunteer corps, pushed out a story at the weekend. I was all ready to play translation monkey as it’s not got much coverage, but turns out there’s an English version, plus two #joinus mini-sites (English | Danish). Who knew? Sharing (and findability) playing second fiddle to #joinus?

Cutting to the chase, this monkey loves the three bullet salvo…

  • a model are the London Olympics’ Games Makers – given the natives’ small talk issues they will defo need to get in a troupe of internationals, plus crash courses in talking to strangers
  • in the Danish version a Malmø volunteer reports that they were the public face of the city, reflecting its diversity in terms of age, sex, background and education
  • it’s not in the English version, but Malmø had 550 volunteers, so Copenhagen will have 500-1000

A friend of #escdk watch was a volunteer last year. By the end of the week she was a limp rag. Maybe we’ll stick to snark.



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