The #escdk watch November awards

Update, 18 November: we got tumblrd by ESC Insight!

Now that it’s less than six months until it’s all over, what’s been happening since we marked our diaries with Eurovision Island? Basically, everyone deserves an award for keeping things going. Here are the #escdk watch November awards.

Best #teardrops reminder 

A close tie this one between Wiwibloggs’ virtual EdeF expo (nice work, @katiewillfly), with little gems like:

What could be better for the Danish people than a chance to be smug about Denmark?

And the girl herself on the Danish Strictly – vid sadly now removed, but an unlikely Celtic/samba mashup over golden couple Mads and Claudia.

Best chournalism 

It’s harsh, but most of DR Grand Prix‘ news stories say sod all, giving the impression that someone is cranking up a PR-ometer that sits in a corner churning out random words that occasionally get glued together. So don’t expect many revelations from the obligatory #escdk documentary.

We did ask why no English, to be told they can’t do that on DR’s website. They rely on fan translation monkeys.

So imagine our surprise when the very next day we get a profile of…the #escdk communications manager! Must be (cough) a strategic role. 

Comms Manager @Sholmdal on Twitter

Best Swede involved in #escdk

Head of delegation service @onjillsmind – she’s tweeted over 1000 times and is on Instagram! Weeee!!

Best interview coup 

Wiwibloggs again, not really flogging a dead horse, with a three part interview of head of show Jan Lagermand Lundme (part un | part deux | part trois). Fave revelation:

Transport to and from the Island will be by boat, bus, and bike…boats could well be a primary method as most of the hotels are across the water from the island.

Oh for heaven’s sake, it’s staring you in the face…


Best use of humour around a non-story

Best serious face

ESC Insight again, on the running order, trumping all those standing space stories.

Best use of academic research methods

A team at the University of Reykjavík has shown that Iceland can host Eurovision – they just have to win it first.

Probably the best fan club

The Danish Eurovision fan club got more new members than the Swedes after their 2012 victory – well of course it did! – plus they’ve given EdeF an award.

Best #escdk nostalgia

Signe Svendsen has a new album out – no doubt she’s lovely IRL but I still hide behind the sofa when she comes on, and I’m not just talking about those lilac cutout flares. What is it with Denmark and monotone screeching? And please ban all harmonicas and penny whistles forthwith.

Best month/s to stay indoors

As for us, we’d planned to start a time lapse series of what I will now forever think of as Bog Whallerne (B&W Halls på dansk), but what with #stormdk and all we couldn’t face it – the winds blow without vertical interruption from the steppes of Central Asia, or something. Unfortunately it will stay like that until April.

Best playlist

From our fave Eurovision country, Moldova. We’re hoping for Pasha vs Aliona, the mashup, for 2014.


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