Join us on Eurovision Island

Knew it! While we had hoped for a Malmö rerun so we could get some decent food in this never seemed likely what with the Night of the Lorry. Given the options west of the Øresund, Reshaleøen is the best of a bunch of pretty poor options.

The CPH Post’s Eurovision jumps on industrial bandwagon piece calls the decision a “calculated gamble” – after all the venue has already hosted Copenhell and Distortion, just how different can Eurovision be?

In the article Fabian, a music, events and media boffin from Roskilde Uni, points out that empty post-industrial spaces “help create an experiential universe…that gives the audience a more holistic experience” than, say, Boxen – but that this is not as easy to achieve as the producers may think, plus new ground for a TV audience of millions.

Fantasy island 

Refshaleøen is to be transformed into the rather more non-dansk friendly Eurovision Island for the duration, connected to the fleshpots of Copenhagen via a Eurovision Fan Mile and a bit running from the central station to Nyhavn. It all feels like an inevitable fusion of the experience economy driven vibe which currently dominates in Copenhagen with the flood of waterfront developments reimagining a once proud shipbuilding and harbour past, both pimped by WoCo and aimed at giving CPH – and Eurovision? – a so called ‘edge’. 

Poor old Jutland, it’s a shame but what can you do with a Lilliputian country dominated by a fairytale capital, not even handily placed in the geographic middle? We predict things will be alright on the night, but that some delegations won’t be too happy and transport will be a major pain. How about a pontoon or hop-on hop-off solution, it’s not that far across the water from the Little Mermaid?

a hop-on hop-off ferry

Refshaleøen’s Eurovision transformation will be eagerly tracked across the blogsphere in the coming months. For now, watch this video from Copenhagen Suborbitals, one of the island’s current tenants, whose aim is to launch a human being into space. This stuff just writes itself.

Join us!

One last thing, if you must have a slogan try to find something with a bit more oomph that doesn’t invite accusations of monomania – think party planner rather than hostess with the mostest.

Back story and back chat: København bliver vært… (announcement) | DR vil modernisere Grand Prix  – as previously reported, portraits not postcards, getting closer etc, yaaawn; Eurovision Ireland has this covered.


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