Holiday shorts

Emmelie’s feet now part of Denmark’s cultural canon following emergency trophy repairs – on show at the National Museum until 19 August. National Museum of Scotland, please take note, although you’ll need meatier hands for the Murray cankles.

Source: DR Billedserie

A cash pot of 185 million kronor (22 million Euros) plus ad value of 1.1 billion kronor mean that Eurovision 2013 paid for itself. In excess of 48K people visited Malmø, ie more than the population of Herning…maybe not just a TV show, then?

Moving on to the next mini-crisis waiting not to happen, Oddset favours the classic combo of craggy older geezer vs lissome gal for hosting duties, which quite possibly doesn’t fit the supercool self image, although Peter Schmeichel is not uninterested. BT lists the full field – big enough so we shouldn’t have to change the date again to accommodate a dental appointment.

Meanwhile, a(nother) possible venue completed?

Featured image source: CC BY-NC 2.0 Some rights reserved by Keri-Lee Beasley


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