The performance of Europe

As a long time danski watcher I’m particularly looking forward to Eurovision 2014 as a nation building, or more cynically, nation branding exercise, so I was excited to pick up on a Eurovision lecture on 12 June, thanks to Eurovision Ireland.

Part of a series of Euro-Visions events organised by Trinity College Dublin’s Institute for International Integration Studies during the Irish Presidency of the Council of the EU, the lecture was held in the Trinity Long Room Hub at Trinity, which coincidentally I visited on a snowy day this Easter:

busts of former Eurovision winners in Trinity College’s Long Room

Down to business. Brian Singleton (Twitter | Eurovision Research Network profile) aimed to “analyse the political fall-out of the 2013 Contest and its representations and bring into focus competing conceptions of the national in relation to the notion of Europe as constructed by the EBU”.

Part of my day job is supporting events on social media, so I was even more excited to see that the lecture was being livetweeted by @hDfmTCD, with a recording to come recording here. I’ve done a sketchy summary on Storify, and here’s the key takeaway:


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