Horsens: we’re no one horse town

Could it be getting serious for Horsens & Friends? Fængslets getting a roof – and here’s the pics to prove it! Let’s try reading the runes…

  • Runrig, celebrating the #eurovision 2013 Celtic vibe as well as their 40th anniversary, played in Fængslet on Saturday night
  • prisons, The Killing, Nordic Noir….Horsens hosts the annual Krimimesse book festival
  • bid director Frank Panduro may or may not have a connection with Panduro, a Danish handicrafts shop well stocked with pailleter (sequins)
  • Fængslet’s funky one page website showcases Danish design
  • Bodil Kjær, famous resident and office furniture designer, shares the same initials as Birthe Kjær, DK 1989. Will we be painting Horsens red in 2014?

Minus points though for using the ‘thinking outside of the box‘ joke again.

Sources: Ekstra Bladet, Eurovision Ireland, Wiwibloggs

Update: sounds a cautionary note


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