Your #escdk venue: any more offers?

Lots of figures being thrown around…Eurovision 2001 netted CPH 117 million kroner. A  TV audience of 125 million viewers for Eurovision 2014 could translate into advertising revenue alone of 160 million kroner. OTOH the 2001 show cost 65 million kroner, and Malmø’s three shows cost 125 million Swedish. So farvel to any more series of Borgen.

Lots of one horse towns in Udkantsdanmark (Jutland) wouldn’t mind a piece of the action.

from DR’s Melodi Grand Prix Facebook timeline
from DR’s Melodi Grand Prix Facebook timeline – what’s missing?

So, in no particular order, here’s the full list of runners and riders:

  • Copenhagen – Parken hosted Eurovision 2001 with a record live audience of 35,000, but it’s too big and has rubbish acoustics; could the Danes pull an Azerbaijan and get the proposed Crystal Copenhagen Arena finished in time?
  • Herning (pop: 45,000, hotel beds: 1800, taxis: 1) – the 15,000 capacity Boxen has held large events such as the X Factor Final and DMGP 2013; bid supported by Aarhus and the Dansk Folkeparti (UKIP) but the case against includes the fact that sod all happens there 
  • AalborgGigantium (capacity 6-8K) hosted DMGP 2012, but no official bid so seems unlikely; pulled out 17 June
  • Fredericia – situated in DK’s Golden Triangle close to other towns such as Billund (airport alert!), and foreigner fave Middelfart with good hotel capacity, MesseC could host the thing! (stop laughing at the back)
  • Horsens – why not try the open air venue at Fængslet, the former state prison? here’s why
  • Skanderup – homemade bid from a local school/college thing (danski humour alert)
  • Greenland or The Faroes – both under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark – eek! really thinking outside of the box (thanks DR)
  • Malmö Arena

HT: Herning challenging capital as host.

Updates: Charlotte Jensen gives a danski view on CPH vs Jutland and Louis does a comparison table, missing out Billund Airport (around 60km from Herning, flights from inter alia Birmingham).


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