Jaaaah! Danes on Twitter

A quick look back at #escdk on Twitter – Danes’ use of #some mirrors some of their other idiosyncracies.

total #escdk tweets collected by Overskrift.dk
total #escdk tweets collected by Overskrift.dk

Overskrift reports that #escdk was tweeted more than 13,000 times during the show, reaching a peak of around 1,000 tweets in the 10 minutes around the victory announcement. 2,400 used the tag, including a certain @emmeliedeforest – DR Nyheder has done an Emmelie Storify for her virtual scrapbook. For the hardcore, see also DR on the worldwide reaction and some tweets round the themes of JAAAH, it’ll cost us, and who should host. There’s actually quite a few interesting things you could do with a Twitter archive like this…see Brandwatch’s analysis of 1.7 million #eurovision tweets, and some stats from Vizeum (HT Eurovision Ireland). DR reports that 1.7 million Danes watched the show, around 80% of the available audience and the most watched Eurovision in 11 years. The 2001 show in CPH had an audience of more than 2.6 million viewers. https://twitter.com/ChrstinaLambert/status/335878156475039744 Christina says: “It’s just so undanish to be favourite and win. Where’s our self irony and sarcasm then, eh?” Indeed. Update, 27 May: in the week after Eurovision #escdk was tweeted more than three times as much as DK’s usual top tag, #dkpol (Danish politics).


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